Christmas and New Year Coupon Codes

All you need to do is add at least one copy of the relevant game and use the code to get a discount on the total of your basket

Blood Rage: Gods of AsgardASGARD5 – 5% off
Blood Rage: Mystics of MidgardMYSTICS5 – 5% off
Stronghold 2eSTRONG10 – 10% off
Runebound 3eRUNE10 – 10% off
Flick ’em UpFLICK15 – 15% off
SamuraiSAMURAI15 – 15% off
Magic the Gathering: Arena of the PlaneswalkersARENA15 – 15% off
MexicaMEXICA20 – 20% off
Legendary: PredatorPREDATOR20 – 20% off
Machi Koro DeluxeDELUXE20 – 20% off

Limit one coupon per order and one per customer while stocks for those individual games last.

Offers end 3rd January 2016.

Mafia de Cuba Discount Code

Mafia de Cuba Discount Code

Mafia de Cuba is just £12.08 plus shipping!

For a limited time, buy Mafia de Cuba with ANY* other game from Cult of the New and use the code Expired at checkout and get 5% off your total order!

This will only apply to the first few people so be quick!

*In stock games only. Does not include games available for back order and preorder.