All you need to do is add at least one copy of the relevant game and use the code to get a discount on the total of your basket

Blood Rage: Gods of AsgardASGARD5 – 5% off
Blood Rage: Mystics of MidgardMYSTICS5 – 5% off
Stronghold 2eSTRONG10 – 10% off
Runebound 3eRUNE10 – 10% off
Flick ’em UpFLICK15 – 15% off
SamuraiSAMURAI15 – 15% off
Magic the Gathering: Arena of the PlaneswalkersARENA15 – 15% off
MexicaMEXICA20 – 20% off
Legendary: PredatorPREDATOR20 – 20% off
Machi Koro DeluxeDELUXE20 – 20% off

Limit one coupon per order and one per customer while stocks for those individual games last.

Offers end 3rd January 2016.